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Chile is a country of diversity and contrasts. Its geography sets it apart from other destinations around the world. Among its particularities is its tri-continental nature, with territories in America, Antarctica and Oceania. It stretches 4,300 kilometers from north to south, in a narrow strip between the Andes mountain range and the Pacific Ocean coast. In the Atacama Desert, the sensations are multiplied by the marked differences between the spectacles offered by the high plateau and the desert landscapes. Downtown Santiago offers a variety of panoramic views that can be experienced in its neighborhoods, the best way to explore the city and its streets. The Andes form the backbone of the country, and their mountains are home to the best ski resorts in the southern cone, attracting thousands of ski enthusiasts every season, who can also taste the best wines in the wineries scattered just a few kilometers away in the central valley. Southern Chile is a region of great scenic beauty, its humid, rainy climate generating an environment of rich biodiversity. The region is distinguished not only by its nature, but also by its cultural and historical heritage.