LoisirsBalaruc-les-Bains Thermal Center

The peninsula of Balaruc-les-Bains is located between Sète, "Languedoc Venice" and the Thau pond. The first French spa is also - with its lagoon - a seaside destination, bathed by the Mediterranean sun. We take advantage of the water to take care of yourself in the Thermes for a cure or a water treatment, boosted with trace elements. The composition of the water of Balaruc-les-Bains is a mixture of waters of ancient seas, about 150 000 years BC and more recent waters filtered over millennia that enriched them with trace elements. On the leisure side, along the water, we discover sports activities such as paddle, authentic villages carried by the culture of oysters and shells like Bouzigues, or just the beaches of Balaruc, for a family swim.